Guru Sangamam

We are happy that the Gurusangam meet of today has been a success for the reason that all of you, despite your busy schedule, have assembled here for a cause which will be remembered by posterity as a significant step in the Indian spiritual movement.
The spiritual legacy of India should be the guiding spirit for the world in the coming days. Though this is an acknowledged fact by all including the West, the responsibility of realizing this onerous task is on our shoulders. All the revered Gurus who have assembled here today have realized this goal is a clear sign of future course of events, where India will be able to wake up by sinking the narrow differences of caste, religion, sect and region.
The very purpose of Guru Sangam is to project India as the spiritual centre of the world and India should be known for this strength and none other. In the past one year since its inception, the congregation of spiritual leaders has been able to impress upon the common people, who are the ardent followers of various religious groups, to realise the importance of this movement. But we have to go a long way in this direction. Many important and vital issues have been deliberated upon since morning to strengthen this movement, and forge ahead to make significant strides to project the essence of Indian Spirituality and not the peripheral issues. The responsibility on the members of Guru Sangam is stupendous as the western material approach to life has broken all the barriers of ancient in civilizations of the world. The consumer culture has steeped deep in to the psyche of world population leading to blindly aping the west. The western perception of development and civilization should be replaced with the values of ancient wisdom which advocates coexistence harmoniously with nature and humanity.
We sincerely wish and hope that today’s meet would herald new thinking and initiatives wherein we all must look in to the epicenter of the Indian Spirituality ignoring the mores and traditions from which we, the Gurus, have emerged and clung to it leading to fissures and divisions in the monolithic spiritual essence.
It is important that, what we all discussed and what all the decisions we have taken, most important is confluence of all gurus in one platform today. Unity of religion heads is most important i.e. the need of the day i.e. is the real message this Gurusangam wanted to convey to this nation. We have discussed so many points; there was lot of good suggestions.
Last year we had only 15 gurus attended the meeting this time close 100 gurus from various parts of the country are participating. On behalf of the Gurus present here, we would like to thank Sadguru Vasudevji and all his associates for this wonderful arrangement for making this Gurusangam successful.
It is inevitable that we must meet as often as possible and evolve a strategy to translate these goals in to a reality in immediate future.
We wish you all the best and thank all the gurus for having made this meet a great success.

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