Suttur Mutts activities are spread far and wide in India and abroad – through an impressive list of educational institutions, free boarding hostels, medical and healthcare units, literary and cultural centres, agricultural research facilities, etc. The Math strives for the overall development of human society through enabling learning, inculcating spiritual values and aiding economic upliftment.

The Math is endowed with the services of over 15,000 dedicated personnel in the institutions managed by it. At any given point of time, over 50,000 students study in its educational institutions which range from rural kindergartens to Post-Graduate technical education institutions. Nearly 3 lakh patients are treated in the hospitals and clinics run by the Math every year while millions participate in the spiritual and cultural festivals that are organized periodically, by the Math. Through the various schemes of the agricultural research facilities, thousands of farmers are benefited in the region.

With its administrative head-quarters located at the foot of the picturesque Chamundi Hills, in the princely city of Mysore, Sre Suttur Veerasimhasana Math is today recognized to be a major mission, and is drawing seekers with faith and the curious with awe, in large numbers. The activities of the Math have drawn accolades from various quarters – the layman to the head of states.

This phenomenal growth of the Math’s activities, gradual and contained in the initial centuries, has assumed larger dimensions and deeper penetrations in the last two decades. During the earlier centuries, the Pontiffs devoted much of their energies to the strengthening of the spiritual and religious faith of the followers, and thus established a strong base for the socio- cultural developmental works in the future. The multidirectional efforts of the later Pontiffs in the furtherance of the cause have led to the magnitude of the work the Math has undertaken today.

“Work is Worship” – the mantra that guides the Math is enshrined in its very insignia. “Selfless Service” is the spirit behind every task that the Math undertakes and since the service is considered to be an offering to Lord Shiva, the purity of its intent and contents is of utmost concern. It is thus but natural that the rewards conferred on society cannot be easily quantified.

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